Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My ADD is kickin me

OK, I don't really have ADD I am just being an ASS! Well, perhaps all of us have a bit of ADD in our ASS.. lol. Yes, you now see.. I have no idea where I am going when I start typing and my mind just carries me into odd places.
It is a wonder I can keep up with myself, or perhaps I am not keeping up with myself, but trying to just put the puzzle together.

So today I am thinking about the Comfy Couch in my head. It is very full today and I need to do something about this. Are you lost yet or do you also have a comfy couch? Perhaps you are one of those with the plastic chair, let me know what you think you are after you read my whirly twirly words.

I am one of the types of people that constantly think about family, friends, past and present. So, if you have entered my life, you have sat on my comfy couch, most likely a few times. Sometimes, I may even try to wish you away, usually it doesn't work. Really, what this means is that I am constantly thinking of people. Sometimes wondering if I am thought about too. There are days where people sit there all day and there are days people run through and just grab a soda on the way out... and sometimes they are not so nice and start poking .. and it hurts. Some people tell me that I think too much. How do you think too much? I do not consider myself book smart (intelligent) but I think when it comes to people I have some smarts. I went to college and I studied Psychology and Sociology. I think I have always had an interest in people and how they interact. So, I guess constantly thinking about people is just a part of me. I like knowing that I have a comfy couch in my head, then people who are dear to me know that they are thought about and appreciated.  Sometimes it is hard because the people I think about have hurt me in some way, perhaps not intentionally but still hurt is hurt. Though there are a TON of people who have shown me nothing but care, hapiness and love.  Do you think that our brains are actually capable of much more than we use them for? I think this is true, we just need to know how to tap into that power we may have.

As I sit and write this, like when I write all of my post, I see my ADD kicking my ASS. Ha, where am I going, what am I writing and trying to say. I guess more so just writing what is on my mind! 

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