Friday, March 18, 2011

Physics In MY kitchen, say what?

So, I have a friend who is very SCIENTIFIC, he is in school and started a blog. I went to visit his blog and was like .. UM OK!! What is this? Not that it is not very well written. My brain just is not scientific. So, he decided to ask me some questions and have me answer them, then he gives me the SCIENTIFIC answer.. so here goes!

1. Why my Gas Lighter sparks if i press a button even if it has got no battery? Because I am standing near it!! DUH
2. Why food in pressure cooker cooks faster? – water boils at a higher temperature under pressure. (Ha, don’t we all?)
3. Why water boils quicker in High Altitudes than in plains? Same … Atmospheric Pressure!!
4. How My exhaust fan or exhaust Chimney work? It SUCKS.. haha Sucks the air OUT
5. Why will a bowl float in water and a spoon does not? A spoon has a flat end…
6. How does a microwave oven work? Ahh

OK now the real Scientific answers from my Friend from  

Question no. 1 ....The lighters that dont need a battery and still gives out an electric spark is due to a physical phenomena called piezoelectricity.  Piezoelectricity is the phenomena where mechanical pressure is converted into electrical energy - 

 Question 2... As pressure is elevated in the pressure cooker the boiling point of the liquid rises..normally when the surface pressure of a liquid becomes equal to the atmospheric pressure, we call the corresponding temperature to b the boiling point of the liquid, thus rising the pressure, bp increases letting the liquid stay liquid even if temperature is higher than bp..

Question 3...with altitude atmospheric pressure liquids attain atmospheric pressure at lower temp. than in plains 

Question 4... an exhaust fan converts rotational motion into a thrust...A pressure difference is produced between the forward and rear surfaces of the specially shaped blade, and air  is accelerated behind the blade, that is, if you turn a screw it moves forward or reverse depending upon the direction of rotation... so happens in the case of a exhaust fan..if u move the blades clock wise air moves forward... and counter clock wise air moves backward.

Question 5...a body floats in a liquid, in this case water, if the weight of the water displaced by it is more than or equal to its weight. Spoon has got a smaller volume and higher mass, ie. high density, therefore when it is thrown in water; the water displaced is less, thus the weight of the displaced water is less than the weight of the spoon. And it submerges. While a bowl has got a large surface area thus it can displace volume of water more than a spoon, so the weight of the water displaced by a bowl is equal to the weight of the weight of the bowl and hence it floats (Archimedes Principle)

Question 6.... a microwave oven sends out microwaves of high vibration, wanna know how fast? i bet you'll have to leave the poorly finger counting that u do.. it is approximately 2500000000 vibration a second.. and what happens such high vibrations makes the water, other food material molecules vibrate and such tremendous pace of vibrations gives out heat and heats up our food stuffs...what if your rub your hands even 1/10000 times the microwave vibration? You wont see even a bit of flesh left on your bones...I wonder bones may burn out too....


  1. I enjoyed your answers better!
    My Internet was down from Thursday night until Bill fixed yesterday. You could link up with 5 question Friday. Also, if you visit Donna, she has a lot of buttons for Hops.

  2. My daughter had to have a "subject" for one her math classes. She developed a story problem and had to document how I got from one part to the next. Crud, Algebra was a million years ago. I've obviously gotten dumber as I've gotten older.