Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The power of touch!

So first I have to give my mom credit for me writing this! I was viewing her blog and saw the video she had placed on it, as I watched my heart filled with joy and the tension eased a bit.

I am what you would call a people person. I love people, love talking to them, learning them, helping them and loving them. Yes, some people can get on my nerves, but there are few that do. A few minutes ago my boyfriend said that he could totally be a hermit. Then I go and watch the video, OH HELL no - I could never be a hermit. Yes, I already knew this but sometimes things just POP in your head. I need people, love to be around people. Yet I find that I have a hard time "planning" so that I can see my family and friends more often. I have often thought about this, how people tend to lose touch with each other. I do firmly believe that people are IN your life when they need to be and that is what keeps us going. There is always a reason that they are there. Some, are there always... not that you see them all of the time but they are there, and you know you can count on them when you need them! I have several of these people, I really am lucky!

So the video is a bunch of pictures showing HUGS. WOW, I thought, the power of touch! Hugs, kisses, a hand on your shoulder, or the small of your back, holding hands, slow dancing.... the list goes on. It is not just physical touch that this brings to us, but also the emotional touch that we get from this. A powerful thing that we hold. If we don't give it we can hurt just as much as if we do we can help. I love touch, and am willing to give it often, but sometimes we get lost in ourselves and forget that others need it too. Sometimes we can even touch with our words, for they are very powerful too. This day in age we may see more and more of that LONG DISTANCE HUG! See I will do it right now. HUGS to all that read this, you are my friend and I thank you for being a part of my life.


  1. Beautiful post! I loved the video and I am glad you enjoyed it.


  2. Do you have a link to the video? Would love to see it.


  3. This is my moms site she had it posted on hers.