Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 201

Award time!

Today I received the Good Bloggers Pay It Forward Award from my blog buddy, and MOM. Shawn at http://coloradobeckers.blogspot.com/  Of course I am swayed by the fact that she is my mom, but she is an amazing woman to know and her blogging skills are great. I used to be the one to tell her how to maneuver on her computer.. Now I find myself looking to her for help.. yes.. I know this is a constant in my life.   Moms are really a blessing, at least my mom is! She has a few blogspots and it is amazing to see her creativity! Stop by her site and check this amazing woman out.

Now to receive the award, you have to follow these rules:

1) Name the Blogger who gave you the award.  I did.. Shawn (my mom)

2) Link to their blog.    The link is above.

3) Pay it forward to 5 Bloggers.  

Yikes.. Now I know why my mom gave this to me.. She is trying to get me more experience with this blogging. I have to say.. I am not the best at this and am still running through so many wonderful blogs.

Now, I have to pay it forward to 5 bloggers... hmmmm choices choices!!

Wendy @ http://skousenseven.blogspot.com/
Amanda @ http://denvergirluk.blogspot.com/
Amber @ http://sanitysoverrated.blogspot.com/
Andrea @ http://circusdadbroccolimom.blogspot.com/
Debby @ http://skyesofblue.blogspot.com/
If  you haven't visited with Shawn or the five I mentioned, stop by their sites and introduce yourselves.

Hugs to all of you bloggers out there!
I may have to change this.. not sure if I did it right.. if not, my mom will tell me!


  1. Come by for a visit..TAG YOUR IT!

  2. I found you from your Mom's site. Nice to meet you. I am following!
    Peace...Naila Moon