Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Its Funny...

As I was sitting in my office the other day, helping a customer who happened to be a friend of my brothers that I always admired from afar, I realized something! 
People look at you in a whole different light than you see yourself. Of course I have known this all along, but sometimes it just BAM whacks you in the face.
Me, being the youngest in my family and always admiring my older brothers and sisters - never stopped to think what they or their friends might have thought about me. Not that I did anything "bad" I was a good girl. I do have somewhat of a smart ass personality, and a bit of spunk - but I always thought that title  belonged more to my Red headed sister.. who knows?

So I was teasing him a bit- honestly wasn't much because I do not even recall what I said. He looked at me and said.. You were always the feisty one. I probably gave him a very strange look at that time. I had no idea that any of my brothers friends ever paid any attention to me or anything I said. I guess I have always felt that I am in the shadows a bit. No, I know I have a great personality and I do feel that when people know me, they do gain - I am a good person and a good friend.

Then on another note... one of my daughters class mates (not friend THANK GOD) told her that I was a BITCH. I laughed. I had a feeling she would think that way--- Here is that story.  I volunteered to Chaperon a group of kids at the local amusement park for a school function. My instructions were clear, as were theirs... NO child is to be alone without another member of your group!!! OK, no worries, they all picked partners. On the way to the amusement park I sat with the kids and talked and had a fun time. The Girl in question and I talked a bit about her so called life. I did not become a bitch until - yup wouldn't you know it I had to put on my MOMMY pants and get on her case. All was fine until after Lunch when she tried to go off with another group and I had one of the students go grab her and make her come back to the group. She started to throw a fit, and told me that the teacher told her it was OK. So, I said OK lets go to the teacher and then you can leave. So of course we did and the teacher said, OK, you can go with that group.. well by then they were gone. Not sure that the teacher did the correct thing in this case. If you tell the parents one thing stick with it, or tell the parent when you have changed direction so that they know. So, I let the girl go off and told her at the end she just needed to check in with us. Attitude again - Of course she did not check in with us at the end and I saw her and told her she needed to come and check in so we could leave. (I am seeing the little head shake round and round attitude- you know what I mean?) Well, I am going home with my friend and her mom and not riding the bus home, and the teacher said it was OK, so I don't have to check in. -- OK, off to the teacher I go. I said, OK I have all of my group - minus the one who got picked up by her parents earlier, and the one that is not riding the bus.. The teacher gives me a wide open eye look and says - who isn't riding the bus. I explained.. Oh no she is riding the bus - but she can stay in that group. OK, once again. Why give the parent a whole packet on WHAT to do if you change all of the rules mid stream? All and all the kids were great though, and nobody in the group really liked this girl anyway.. they kept saying she had an attitude.
What was great is that my daughter - who doesn't use cuss words.. says, mom - this girl called you a beep.. I said yeah, I could imagine she would think that. She looked at me and said, "Well when she said that, I thought to myself. Well My mom was only a beep cause you were a beep." I didn't say it mom, but I sure thought it.

So, we never know what people think. Does it matter? Eh, not so sure it does if you live your life with the rule of treat others as you would want to be treated.  Have fun and do not  hurt people intentionally. Be open and honest with all those that are in your life. It is fairly simple!


  1. Fairly simple, live by the Golden Rule.
    It's so nice "seeing" you back In the blogosphere!

  2. Having been a substitute and a parent on field trips, I am like you...say what you mean, mean what you say and don't change rules in midstream without informing the parents! Great post!