Thursday, May 5, 2011

Me and my neglecting ways...

It has been awhile, I just can't seem to find my groove here. So much of what I do depends on how I feel. I like to have fun posts and sometimes I get caught up in the doldrums of life. 
So, its a new month and so many changes have occurred in my household. My lil girl is not a lil girl anymore. No more headaches, so that is the good part. I am awaiting the "I hate you" phase. LOL, I know it will come. For now I get to simply watch her blossom. She is also not blond anymore and now has brown hair! She is just as astonishing as ever!

There is a new family addition at the house. She is very pretty. We named her "The Pickle" but then had to change that due to the fact that Chris is working with Men.. might not be the best name...

So she is a 2000 Honda Passport.
Chris is working - Painting office buildings. He finds himself on 30 and 40ft ladders every day. YIKES!!
I am trying to get him to have Ed ( a co-worker, and friend) take a picture of him actually ON the ladder)
We will see if he listens to me or not when I ask for something. (Yes he does listen sometimes, and many times he is very receptive to what I say!) 
Mother's Day is around the corner - So A big happy Mother's Day to FIRST and FOREMOST my MOM, and of course all of you wonderful, hard working (at raising or having raised children) Moms out there! I hope you are able to enjoy a bit of extra attention Sunday.  This year we are actually doing Mother's Day with my mom next weekend. I think perhaps pedicures and dinner with JUST the "big girls" - So this Mother's day I get two pedicures!!!


  1. Love your blog, it is always so enjoyable to read and learn what I will be up against raising 2 teens...soon!

  2. Just remember, they will grow out of being teens and turn back into people someday.