Monday, October 10, 2011

October is here... YIKES

OK now is the busy time. I haven't posted in some time - and I know I have let you all down. I am sorry.

I write today because well, I am flat out bored. LOL.

1st Item is my AMAZING mom - she ran her first marathon in Chicago yesterday. She finished the race, while running much of it with an injured foot. I couldn't be more proud of her. Way to go MOM

2nd Item - My 13year old is about to get braces.. UGH - I am not looking forward to this - but it shouldn't be too bad - she should only have them around a year.. (hopefully) She has changed so much in the past year and I know she is going to change even more over the next year.  She got STRAIGHT A's on her midterm report. This is a first.. MY B girl got A's I am so proud of her hard work.   She is looking towards doing an "arts" program that her High School offers - I am not sure which way she will go - art, theater or music. We will see! It is nice to see her finally enjoying what she is great at. She has an artistic eye and I am not even sure if she realizes it to the point that I do. So on the 27th of this month she will have braces put on. Keep me in your prayers - and if you happen to hear a SONIC BOOM.. do not worry - it is just her screaming.. she does NOT have a high pain tolerance. So the picture above where she is on a bed. I think this fits my blog name - she is so small in it and it reminds me of someone balling themselves up as small as they can to not be seen. OR I can just see it as a picture in an article about how teen girls cope with life today...    I am so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter...Thanks JAYCIE for being you.. Keep up the good work and remember much can be said with TONE!

My "Son" Cameron - To those of you that do not know the story. My BF's son came to live with us this summer and decided he wanted to stay here and go to school. The house I bought with just me and my daughter in mind is now packed to the gills - I wouldn't trade this for the world. I was thinking just this morning how amazing my mom was and is.. to have taken on THREE extra kids (boys), while already raising three girls.  I am proud of Cameron too, coming here and starting at a new school bringing his grades up from F's to C's and above. Although he struggles with homework and school, he is doing what needs to be done. He has interest in welding - so this is the direction we are looking into for him. Underwater welding may be an option as he loves to be in the pool. He is working hard at being on time to classes and not missing any classes so that he can go to Utah to see his sister for her birthday, he will leave the same day Jaycie gets her braces on.This is all probably for the best....

yes he is such the Casanova. When he smiles, he is very handsome.  Keep up the good work, Cam!

Coming together in a relationship is hard work and when you bring kids into it, it gets even harder but this road although bumpy has brought some great times. Smiles and tears both. In the end we just realize we all need to understand and appreciate who and what the other person is.

 - So back to #1 - My mom. Did I mention that she turns 60 this month? - To turn 60 and run her first marathon is such an achievement. My sister went with her and she ran the marathon as well. I am proud of her too - she has ran marathons, she has raced in triathlons. I thought for sure pictures would have been added to FB so that I could take one and post it.. but NOOOOO they haven't yet. Oh well I am sure my mom will post to her blog.

So this weekend my nieces birthday, then we have the FIRST appointment for the braces, then My mommy's birthday, then braces, then Halloween... then we go into November which will be Thanksgiving - which also happens to be a year that Chris and I will have been dating

He has brought a lot into my life in this past year. I think we have both grown a  bit over the past year. I look forward to the journey ahead - whatever it brings!

- So I am going to try to be better about my posting - Hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. I was sooooooooooooooooooo surprised to see your post this morning! Great job!

    Thanks for all your support, now time to heal my foot so I can get back on the trail, I think I am hooked!

    Go to Donna's house on the corner and hook up on the Tuesday Train!

    I am veer proud of you and your family!
    Love you,

  2. I'm so glad you posted a blog :) I think we both have to committ to being better if we are really going to do this 'blog thing'. We have both had whirlwind years and I can't wait to catch up with my 'sista' when I'm home for a visit in December. Sounds like you have a wonderful family there!